About Me

Hey there! It’s me, Norry. I am a happy-go-lucky, very outspoken person. I always wanted to share happy thoughts, thus the title of this blog. Wikipedia says, Norry is an improvised rail vehicle (bamboo train) from Cambodia. So, through this blog, I will try my best to bring you to different ideas, interests and experiences by writing the things that I get to come across in my everyday life, not only to my family, friends and acquaintances, but to all of the people in the world!

Two things I am most passionate about: Dancing and Traveling. I have been dancing since grade school. In high school, I entered an arts school to focus more in this field. In college, I took statistics, but dancing didn’t stop there. In my professional stage, I get to dance hardly ever as my time is limited nowadays. Instead, I focus on traveling. My goal is to visit every single a-must-visit place in the Philippines. I don’t have a passport so I haven’t gone abroad yet. Philippines is beautiful and I believe I still have many more to see and discover.

Hope you enjoy this blog site!

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