Puerto Prinsesa: Honday Bay Island Hopping

We are going to the beach today! Yes, I’m always this enthusiastic when it comes to ‘beachineering’ activities. I can feel that I have the heart for beaches and the ocean and that I have fins!

Our second day in Puerto Prinsesa was all about the ocean. Supposedly, this activity should be the last one; however, it was interchanged with the Underground River Tour because it was already fully booked. So, our tour started when the assigned van picked us up from our rented house. On our way to the port, we stopped by a store that offers snorkeling gears and the likes. All of us rented goggles, snorkels, aqua shoes and a waterproof camera case.


Starfish Island

In this island, we spent some time swimming and picture taking. During swimming, even we were just along the shoreline, you can see different kinds of fishes and coral reefs. If only I could spend the whole day staring at the fishes. We also brought bread so we can feed the fishes. Isn’t it nice to have a picture with fishes in front or beside you? Our tour guide helped us swim through the area which is more colorful and where there is a lot more to see underwater. There we took underwater selfies, we even swam down to the sea bed so can have a better view.


Also, in this island are brilliant spots were you can do camera tricks and such activities. We also spent a lot of time posing and jumping just to capture every moment of this trip.


I haven’t tracked time of how long we were there until our guide told us that lunch is served. When we got back in our cottage, our tour guides have already set up the buffet lunch for all of us. It was a nice arrangement and good food as well.


Lilu Island

This island is called Lilu, which is derived from the Tagalog words “Lulubog” and “Lilitaw”, which means that this island sometimes sinks and sometimes floats, depending on the tide (sorry I can’t really describe what the tour guide have said). Here, we spent the time mostly snorkeling in the deeper part of the ocean. Less fish but since we have bread left, there were schools of fishes dropping by. Also, there was this cottage nearby where it is elevated from the sea (something like a floating one, but it’s not really floating) and it has a dive board where you can jump. Of course, we all jumped!

Cowrie Island

This is the last one in our itinerary. Most of our time here was spent playing volleyball. My tour-mates and I were in one team and our opponent was a group of boatmen. Of course, we lost. But that was really fun.



After a long day at the beach, another long ride back to the city. We were then dropped off at Palatino’s residence. Just in time for the party held by the owner of the house where we are housed. It was the birthday of their father and one of his daughters. It was a huge party with a band and of course, another set of good food in a barrio set up. As guests of their inn, we were also invited in the party. It was such a warm welcome. And not to mention, as tourists, it was already one free meal!



Status: SINGLE

For Okray Lovers

A few months ago, when a guy I dated changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship” people started texting or walking up to me to see how I would react to the news.  Nobody seemed to remember that he and I parted ways for more than a year already and are still good friends after, nor the fact that I was actually one of the first people he told he was courting a girl.

“Okay ka lang?” They would ask in a low, deliberate voice, faces scrunched in concern, as if saying it loud or putting too much emphasis on it would cause me to break down in tears.

“Yes, I’m good.” And I could see in their skeptical faces the follow up question they wouldn’t voice out. Really? But… you’re still… single.

Of course, trying to convince them that I was indeed fine being thirty-one, single and not…

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20 Things You Should Know About Dating An Independent Girl

Just the perfect list for a girl like me.

Thought Catalog

1. We need alone time. A little each day and more than a little on other days. It doesn’t mean we’ve lost interest in you.

2. We don’t mind if you don’t call or text us every second. We like it. We won’t be contacting you either. That said, if you’re late, don’t keep us guessing as to when you’ll show up as we’ll make other plans.

3. We can clean up our own messes. We’re not waiting around for you to fix our problems.

4. We are perfectly fine doing chores, running errands, and exercising by ourselves. If you want to join us, we’re glad to have you along, but don’t talk to us while we’re in the zone.

5. We sign up and attend charity events, races, and cultural exhibits on our own. We don’t need a date to feel comfortable at these things. Set us loose in…

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Something Hot in Baguio

If you’re too cold to be in Baguio City, you may want to visit Asin Pooten Resort for some warm delight. Yes, there is a hot spring somewhere in Baguio City! Well technically, it’s not really in the summer capital of the country, this resort is located in Tuba, one of Benguet’s municipalities. An hour away from the city.

IMG_20140518_060417This is the mansion where you can get a room available for 2 to 10 persons. You may also bring your own tents and pitch it near the pool, like what we did. We just paid for the entrance fee (sorry I can’t remember how much was that).

IMG_20140518_062807The receiving and parking area.

IMG_20140518_092621At the back of the resort is a river. You can see the discoloration of the rocks. I think that is because of the sulfur content coming from the hot spring.

IMG_20140518_060513 The view from the parking area.IMG_20140518_092855Inside the mansion.IMG_20140518_093239In the living room, there are collections of figurines and dolls. And there’s a fireplace!
IMG_6975 Me and my sister in the smallest pool they have. The water is hot and we can smell the sulfur anywhere in the area.IMG_20140518_084657 For inquiries, you may use this information.

IMG_20140518_092644* Visited last May 2014.

Everything in Pundaquit

Camara Island.


Capones Lighthouse.


View from the lighthouse.


Into the woods of Anawangin.


Sunset in Pundaquit.


* Happened in April 2014

Our Resort:
Megan’s Beach Resort
Phone:+63 47 603 0233
Mobile: 0919 4808 520

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Blog

Lifestyle Filipino by Chris Delacruz

ImageBlog?  What the hell is a blog?  Why should I blog?  Well, I’m sure you can use Google search and just search for that meaning.  So just to put it as simple as possible here, a blog is something you write online on your website on a regular basis.  It could be about anything.  Sounds exciting, isn’t it?  Not really, at first.

But once you begin to unravel this complex world of blogging, once you get your feet wet, you will see that there is a whole new world out there just waiting for you to conquer.

So no more beating around the bush.  WHY BLOG?

  1. You will improve your English and communication skills.  You will become a better writer and speaker.
  2. You will develop your critical thinking skills.  Yes, you will become a better, more creative thinker.
  3. You will live a more purposeful and meaningful life.  Your life…

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Puerto Prinsesa: City Tour and Firefly Watching

So how does Puerto Prinsesa City looks like? My first impression was it’s a laid-back city. Well, it’s not really different from my hometown (Iloilo City), it’s just that when I stepped out of the plane, I felt a differently fresh breeze tapped onto my skin. Laid-back in a sense that, I don’t see rushing people, smog nor skyscrapers; just the perfect place to be when you want to get away from fast-paced cities. Imagine your house with birds chirping and coming in, squirrels running and gliding from tree to tree seen outside the windows, and smooth wind in every side of the house; it’s just the ultimate vacation a person like me could ever dream of.

IMG_4641 IMG_00000732 IMG_00000766

Now in our tour around the city and Iwahig River, we learned many facts about the place. It could be history, people, ways, food, biology, astronomy, etc. All of those are just simply amazing. So, here’s a list of facts that I have grasped from our tour guides:

  1. Puerto Prinsesa is known as City in a Forest.
  2. Roughly 70% of the land is still forest.
  3. Primary mode of transportation is Tricycle.
  4. Leading source of income is Tourism.
  5. The city don’t have its own power supply, hence a rotational black-out is being implemented.
  6. Pollution is relatively less because there are no factories, only vehicles emit carbon.
  7. The city is also known as Princess of Ports, because of the versatility of its port.
  8. At least 7 world cruises dock in its port every year.
  9. In Plaza Cuartel, around 150 American soldiers were burned by Japanese soldiers during World War II.
  10. The largest crocodile in Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is named Mac-Mac.
  11. A crocodile named Valentino was captured Valentine’s Day of 2012.
  12. Official color of the city is blue.
  13. There are lots of red squirrels in the city.
  14. You can find a delicious “Hopia” in Baker’s Hill.
  15. Fireflies stay on one tree until they die.
  16. When you see a mangrove with fireflies, meaning its flowers are blooming.
  17. They react to red light.
  18. They are disturbed by bright lights like flashlights, camera flash and the likes.
  19. Fireflies can live up to 40 days.
  20. There are bioluminescent planktons in Iwahig River.
  21. The light produced by fireflies and planktons comes from the reaction of some chemicals against oxygen.
  22. Existence of fireflies and planktons in a community means air and water is still clean.
  23. Fireflies light up when they breathe in oxygen, while for bioluminescent planktons, it is due to the pressure exerted in the water.
  24. During younger stage of fireflies (eggs, larva, pupa), they also illuminate. That makes their mortality rate even less because they are easy preys.
  25. Boat mans in Iwahig River use three different flashlights during a tour. White flashlight for simply lighting mangroves to see what they look like; red ones are for fireflies so that they will illuminate more; and the most amazing one is the laser light used to pinpoint stars or constellations (as if the night sky was like a blackboard!)
  26. When you swim in Iwahig River (which is prohibited nowadays), your body will lighten up because of the planktons.

20140221_161950 IMG_4798


IMG_4838 IMG_4831


IMG_4882 IMG_4856

DSC02354 IMG_00000897

There is a lot more that I learned along the way and I know that there are still more to discover in Puerto Prinsesa. That’s why I still want to come back for a longer stay and see more of the place.

It was a long day for us all. Most places we’ve visited were jam-packed of tourists that we have to wait in queue to see every spot lined up in our itinerary. We just didn’t mind. After all, my family and I have perfectly get along with each other, thus, ended the day with love and smiles on our faces. And of course, looking forward for next day’s tour which is the Honda Bay Island Hopping!

17 Things To Actually Try This Year (Instead Of Just Talking About Them)

Thought Catalog

1. Tell someone how you really feel, whether it’s good, bad, unpopular or ugly. Be polite, be tactical, but be honest. Stop discussing your true thoughts with everyone except the one person who needs to hear them.

2. Cut your hair the way you’ve always wanted to. Do that one thing you’ve always toyed with the idea of but were too nervous to try. At best, it will make you feel more “you” than ever before, and at worst, it will grow back anyway.

3. Get in a car and drive until you’re lost. Explore there.

4. Buy something from a store you always gawk at online. The balance to strike is finding something that is simultaneously of good quality but uniquely fits you and your lifestyle as well. Save up for it if you need to, but work toward that goal – reaching it will be unbelievably sweet.

5. Re-visit all of your old favorite…

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