Puerto Prinsesa: Honday Bay Island Hopping

We are going to the beach today! Yes, I’m always this enthusiastic when it comes to ‘beachineering’ activities. I can feel that I have the heart for beaches and the ocean and that I have fins!

Our second day in Puerto Prinsesa was all about the ocean. Supposedly, this activity should be the last one; however, it was interchanged with the Underground River Tour because it was already fully booked. So, our tour started when the assigned van picked us up from our rented house. On our way to the port, we stopped by a store that offers snorkeling gears and the likes. All of us rented goggles, snorkels, aqua shoes and a waterproof camera case.


Starfish Island

In this island, we spent some time swimming and picture taking. During swimming, even we were just along the shoreline, you can see different kinds of fishes and coral reefs. If only I could spend the whole day staring at the fishes. We also brought bread so we can feed the fishes. Isn’t it nice to have a picture with fishes in front or beside you? Our tour guide helped us swim through the area which is more colorful and where there is a lot more to see underwater. There we took underwater selfies, we even swam down to the sea bed so can have a better view.


Also, in this island are brilliant spots were you can do camera tricks and such activities. We also spent a lot of time posing and jumping just to capture every moment of this trip.


I haven’t tracked time of how long we were there until our guide told us that lunch is served. When we got back in our cottage, our tour guides have already set up the buffet lunch for all of us. It was a nice arrangement and good food as well.


Lilu Island

This island is called Lilu, which is derived from the Tagalog words “Lulubog” and “Lilitaw”, which means that this island sometimes sinks and sometimes floats, depending on the tide (sorry I can’t really describe what the tour guide have said). Here, we spent the time mostly snorkeling in the deeper part of the ocean. Less fish but since we have bread left, there were schools of fishes dropping by. Also, there was this cottage nearby where it is elevated from the sea (something like a floating one, but it’s not really floating) and it has a dive board where you can jump. Of course, we all jumped!

Cowrie Island

This is the last one in our itinerary. Most of our time here was spent playing volleyball. My tour-mates and I were in one team and our opponent was a group of boatmen. Of course, we lost. But that was really fun.



After a long day at the beach, another long ride back to the city. We were then dropped off at Palatino’s residence. Just in time for the party held by the owner of the house where we are housed. It was the birthday of their father and one of his daughters. It was a huge party with a band and of course, another set of good food in a barrio set up. As guests of their inn, we were also invited in the party. It was such a warm welcome. And not to mention, as tourists, it was already one free meal!



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