Something Hot in Baguio

If you’re too cold to be in Baguio City, you may want to visit Asin Pooten Resort for some warm delight. Yes, there is a hot spring somewhere in Baguio City! Well technically, it’s not really in the summer capital of the country, this resort is located in Tuba, one of Benguet’s municipalities. An hour away from the city.

IMG_20140518_060417This is the mansion where you can get a room available for 2 to 10 persons. You may also bring your own tents and pitch it near the pool, like what we did. We just paid for the entrance fee (sorry I can’t remember how much was that).

IMG_20140518_062807The receiving and parking area.

IMG_20140518_092621At the back of the resort is a river. You can see the discoloration of the rocks. I think that is because of the sulfur content coming from the hot spring.

IMG_20140518_060513 The view from the parking area.IMG_20140518_092855Inside the mansion.IMG_20140518_093239In the living room, there are collections of figurines and dolls. And there’s a fireplace!
IMG_6975 Me and my sister in the smallest pool they have. The water is hot and we can smell the sulfur anywhere in the area.IMG_20140518_084657 For inquiries, you may use this information.

IMG_20140518_092644* Visited last May 2014.


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