How did I get to tour Puerto Prinsesa

Last March 2013, I was able to book a round-trip promo fare to Puerto Prinsesa for the whole family. My Aunt and I have tickets from Manila that cost us around Php 1,100 each. My parents and siblings will come from Iloilo, hence their tickets were only around Php 900. The trip was scheduled February 2014, so we had almost a year to prepare. I am usually the organizer of our getaways. When February approached, I almost forgot about the trip and to find out I am in a cram to look for tour packages. Good thing I was able to contact a college friend who lives there and successfully booked us a package right away at iConquerPH Travel (Thanks to Moji!).

Upon arrival.

Upon arrival.

Many people say that for a budgeted tour, as much as possible, we must avoid travel agencies as they will cost you more than making your own itinerary and that visiting time will be constrained because you will have to catch up with the planned itinerary. In Puerto Prinsesa, it’s a different case. In my experience, I highly recommend that tourists should book at travel agencies because there are a lot of necessary arrangements to be made, like the permits and boats to be rented. Now, the agency gave me the list of packages that they have and let me choose from it. I chose the following: City Tour (Php 600), Firefly Watching (Php 1100), Honday Bay Island Hopping (Php 1300), and of course, not to miss out the Underground River (Php 1500). Total amount of our package was Php 4,500/pax. I was able to get a discount but I won’t mention how much, I will leave it to you how you will haggle for it.

For our accommodation, we were booked at Palatino’s Residence along Nadayao Road. I was advised that it is quite far from the airport. Since we were six in the group, we have to take two tricycles as they regulate number of passengers per vehicle (5 pax/tricycle). Travel time was 20-30 minutes and we paid Php 100 each. Upon checking in, we met the owner of the house. We talked about the rates, breakfast-lunch-dinner, and our tour schedules for the rest of our stay. Room rate was Php 300/person/night. Since we were six and stayed for 3 nights, again, we were able to get a bargain but it’s up for you to guess!

In Palatino's.

In Palatino’s.

Our first tricycle ride.

Our first tricycle ride.


Breakfast outside the house.


I will be writing more about our tours in Puerto Prinsesa:

  1. City Tour and Firefly Watching
  2. Honday Bay
  3. Underground River


Excited to share more of these!


Travel & Tour Agency: iConquerPH Travel | Tour Coordinator: Erica Biolena (0905-659-4283) | Palatino Residence (0946-3866-948)


How it all started.

Why do I love to travel?

I think it all started when I entered high school. At the age of 11, I was sent to Los Baños, Laguna (I live in Iloilo City, so that’s somehow distant for a kid that age) to study in an arts school where there is an opportunity to go to different places to showcase our talents. As far as I can remember, during my first year, the farthest place that I have gone to was Masbate. In the succeeding years, we’ve gone to places such as Southern Leyte, Cebu, Pampanga, and even in some parts of Laguna and Metro Manila. Every time we have a performance or an outreach, packing was very challenging with all the costumes and props we have to carry. However, it’s just simply fun because my schoolmates and I do it altogether in our dormitory. The fun part also is the traveling itself. That is usually our free time and at the same rest days from rehearsals and exams. So, it could either be a land trip or boat trip, I always had so much fun that I knew I’d still want to continue seeing other places after high school.

Adarna: D'wata at Sayaw

Adarna: D’wata at Sayaw

In college, I didn’t have a lot of escapades until I joined the mountaineering club. I was only able to climb the nearby mountains in Miagao, hence the travel time was just short. We only have to take a jeepney or a tricycle to reach the foot of the mountain. The farthest town that I’ve gone to for mountaineering was in Silay City, Negros Occidental (Mt. Patag) and in Batangas (Mt. Daguldol). But it didn’t stop there, all the more it made me thirsty to conquer other places in the country.

Mount Napulak

Mount Napulak

When I had my first job in Cebu, I said to myself, I will go to different places now that I can have it on my own way. No more classes and exams to consider, I can choose whatever place I want and I will be managing my own budget. So there, since 2009, I’ve been travelling in the country. Either I am with my family, friends or special someone, a planned one or a surprise trip, I know travelling has always been a part of me.

Camiguin's White Island. Photo by Nelson.

Camiguin’s White Island. Photo by Nelson.

Starting off.

Today, I was so eager to create such thing. And there it goes, it just became real.

I am so excited to start writing since the start of the year. In fact, I bulleted it in my Bucket List. Been imagining a bunch of stuff to write, it’s just that I didn’t have the luxury of time. But today, out of my busy week at work, I have managed to work on this. I can’t let a day pass anymore. My mind might lose those beautiful thoughts if I still don’t get this thing off my list.

Now, I have to sign off and it’s already getting late. Big day tomorrow for this blog!